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About the Product-Wind-e Turbo Ventilators. Wind-e Turbo ventilator is a device which exhausts hot and stale air from the working space of industries, warehouses, workshops, and other enclosed structures without use of electricity. Wind – E turbo ventilators are manufactured under strict quality control systems. The turbine vent is technically superior to other fans made domestically and abroad due to incorporation of our superior technology which is bearing free self-lubricating steel shaft device with minimal friction resulting in high RPM and consequent more extraction of hot air. The fan is made of Aluminum and other material used in the fan pass through strict quality control. Wind-E roof ventilators require minimal wind speed for initial rotation compared to other roof ventilators and work consistently over long period of time.

Powder coated or steel fans (with some lead time) are available for places with corrosive fumes. Wind-e air Turbo Ventilators have been giving trouble free performance for a long time due to its construction. Our fan is shaped in such a way that extraction of air is more than other fans. The hot air gets discharged through vents, with both convection and outside wind contributing to the RPM the fan rotates at. Thus, it does not use any electricity and recover its cost quickly. Installation at various industries has given proven results. Our fans have been giving trouble free performance for more than 5 years at our various client locations.
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